Bachelor in Aviation Management

The aeronautical and airport industry represents a major sector of the global economy. Despite international tensions, air traffic in the world is constantly increasing and airports are developing to become major activity hubs. Airports, airlines and aeronautical manufacturers and sub-contractors are looking for young people with degrees in management and a good understanding of the aeronautical and airport industry, especially for commercial and logistical roles.

Bachelor degree in Management from Toulouse Business School (TBS) - Aviation Management course at ENAC.

The professions

  • Plane booking agent
  • Commercial attaché / Customer management advisor
  • Market researcher
  • Shipping agent
  • Purchasing / Logistics / Quality Assistant
  • Airport Business Centre Manager
  • Airport or Airline Business Manager
  • Customer Support Assistant for aeronautical manufacturers
  • Commercial Assistant at aeronautical manufacturers

The curriculum


Common foundation in management at Toulouse Business School followed by a 10 week international placement


Common foundation in management at Toulouse Business School and academic exchange followed by a 12 week placement


End of common foundation and Aviation Management course at ENAC.
Growth of air transport environment, challenges, regulation, management systems and economic models of the 3 major stakeholders of the aviation world.
Aircraft and air transport system, airports, economy and legal environment of the industry:

  • Aircraft, flight and navigation principles
  • Authorities, laws and regulation
  • Day-to-day operation of an airline
  • Day-to-day operation of an airport
  • Security management

Applied placement (24 weeks) in an airport, airline or aeronautical manufacturer abroad: operational mission in sales, marketing or operation and ground-handling departments.
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